Philosophy of Care


I believe that most emotional problems stem from a fundamental lack of self-love that disrupts our relationships and prevents us from living the present moment with a sense of personal agency, authenticity, and most importantly, loving kindness towards self and others. Cultivating self-compassion and relational mindfulness are central to my healing approach.

Self-compassion has many forms. Tough love, wise love, vulnerable love: all assist us in different ways. I work to build strong relationships with my clients so we can courageously approach their pain and fears and work together to see them become better versions of themselves. The ultimate goal of therapy is revitalizing the most important relationship in your life – that is the one you have with yourself.  

Integrative Care

I have been trained in a variety of treatment modalities, and my approach to psychotherapy involves developing a unique and integrated array of interventions for each particular client. 
Depending on your concerns and goals, I may blend dynamic, EMDR therapy, mindfulness-relaxation, cognitive-behavioral and Ericksonian hypnosis interventions.

The effectiveness of all modalities I use has been demonstrated through decades of therapy outcome research as well as modern neuroscience. From time to time, I am likely to tell you stories about parts of the brain involved in each process of change that you are experiencing. 

Life skills to thrive & deepen self-understanding

In sum, your treatment sessions with me will involve two equally important ingredients. First, it will involve knowledge. I will provide information and skills that leave you with concrete approaches to managing your challenges. Second, it will involve a caring intimate relationship. I will hold a space of deep listening and compassionate self-reflection.

Together we will develop a nuanced understanding of your emotional world, including how your past informs your present. Our collaborative treatment relationship will allow me to walk with you on the path of healing as you rewrite a coherent story for a renewed, nourishing approach to life. 


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